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Kia Ora Stud, Bungendore, New South Wales, Wagyu, KOS Aussie Beef


Here are Kia Ora Stud our properties are staged, managed and maintained to support sound quarantine procedures. We understand our role and responsibility, in the minimisation and management of Biosecurity risks that impact on our economy, environment and the community.

Our policies and procedures are developed to underpin the Biosecurity risk management practices, outlined by the New South Wales Government, Department of Primary Industry (DPI).

   Animal Control

  • Low-stress handling

  • Disease control

  • Quarantine control for new stock

  • Fenced burial pits

Animal Security

  • Fencing

  • Yards

  • Tags and Branding

  • Movement controls

  • Signage and training

Pasture integrity

  • Ploughing and sowing

  • Weed surveillance and control

  • Cell grazing

  • Monitor imported hay

  • Monitor Visitor movements – Transport, Foot wear

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