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Kia Ora Stud, Bungendore, New South Wales, Wagyu, KOS Aussie Beef


The success of our company relies on the welfare and competency of our company personnel as we work together to produce quality Wagyu breeding stock and beef. We are committed to creating a positive, healthy and supportive environment for all staff to conduct their daily activities.


At Kia Ora Stud we maintain a process that supports us to achieve this, as outlined below;

  • Engagement and acceptance of the most suited person for an available position.

  • Induction and probation periods to support new staff in settling into their new role.

  • Current training and qualification documentation.

  • Future planning of education and training planning.

  • Management of the workplace environment and relations.


Review and development of company policy and procedures allow us to successfully maintain (and where necessary), improve the workplace environment.

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