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KOS Aussie Beef sides hanging in the coldroom
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Kia Ora Stud are proud to offer quality beef direct to the consumer through our brand KOS Aussie Beef. Born and raised with minimal inputs including chemicals and hormones, our free range beef is direct from our farm to your plate.

Our animals live a stress free life on the Bungendore Flatlands until they're approximately 3 years old, when they are prime for processing. We process all animals locally, supporting local businesses as much as we can.

We offer delicious Angus Cross; mouth watering F1 Wagyu Cross for a taste of the unique wagyu flavour; or for a total indulgence we have Fullblood Wagyu.

KOS Aussie Beef currently comes in hind and fore quarters with free delivery to the greater Canberra region. We have big dreams though, so check back here regularly to see where and how we take our beef next!

Beef Carcass and Respective Cuts

Click the Respective Primal Cut label, to be guided to an illustrated Sub-Primal cut Guide.


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