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Kia Ora Stud Breeding Centre. Bungendore, New South Wales.


Your Livestock, Our Passion

The prosperous partnership begins! Kia Ora Stud have partnered with well known breeding specialist Jennifer Van Wyk of iBreed to establish a breeding and collection centre at Bungendore in the heart of Central New South Wales.

Utilising modern semen collection, semen assessment and processing of fresh and frozen bovine and equine semen, Kia Ora Stud and iBreed boast a ‘Work in progress’ of modern quarantine facilities for your national and international export requirements.

Updates to follow of progress and available countries for export.

We aim to give the bulls and stallions the best reproductive chance we can, ensuring enrichment and welfare all go to optimising semen quality and the end product.

Kia Ora Stud partnering with iBreed Pty Ltd to bring a breeding centre to Bungedore, New South Wales.
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